Gelato Machine Labo 30 45 XPL P

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  • The Labo XPL P is a batch freezer that is easy to use, simple to manage, and useful in any gelato production area. 
  • Solid and tireless, it has rounded corners where the operator works, significantly reducing the risk of injury. 
  • 3 variable batch freezer programs for different types of production: Gelato, Fruit Gelato, Fruit Slush. 
  • Hard-O-Tronic®: the exclusive system for obtaining the desired gelato by checking its consistency, which can be changed during freezing. 
  • Beater without central shaft and with POM blades for the total extraction of the gelato. 
  • Self-regulating scraper blades for constantly cleaning the cylinder and maximizing yield. 
  • Post-cooling: activation of cold temperatures during extraction to maintain the consistency of the gelato. 
  • Hourly production: Kg. 30 - 45 
  • Hourly production: Liters 42 - 60 
  • Qty. mix per freeze:  kg 3.5 – 7.5 
  • Electricity 380 \ 60 \3Ph 
  • Dimension: 52X 65 X 140 cm  
  • Net Weight: 270 Kg 

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