Mini Scarlet Raspberry Shape - TOP23

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Dim mould. 300 x 175 x h 22 mm

Ø 62x21 h mm

8 indents

vol. ~ 38 ml

The pastry translated into a total sensory experience.

From the wisdom and passion of Stefano Laghi and Sebastiano Caridi - in collaboration with the research team Pavoni Italia - are born the new molds of the line Top, to interpret the fruit in every detail.

Eight simple and immediate shapes, able to reproduce creative compositions in a single indent that will save your time during the work.

Ideas, technique and passion from two famous pastry chefs, to give a twist to the taste of your preparations and new textures to the palate.

Can be combined with micro-perforated stainless steel bands, Voilà VL65 disposable moulds and Pavoflex PX078 silicone mould

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