Pasteurizer Machine Pastomaster 60 XPL P

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7 basic programs for the production of gelato mixes: High pasteurization 85°C, Low pasteurization 65°C, Intermediate pasteurization with choice of temperature between 65°C and 95°C, Chocolate pasteurization 90°C, Cooling and Aging at 4°C, Sugar syrup and Inverted sugar.
The ingredients are mixed and pasteurized inside the exchanger pump with “dry bain-marie,” a Carpigiani patent that guarantees:
High micronization of fat globules to a fine size of 2-5 microns for creamy gelato,
Superior Efficiency that allows working even with minimal batches without the risk of burning the mix.
Production: 15 – 60 Liter
Electrical requirement: 380V- 60Hz- 3 Ph
Dimension: 35 W X 86 D X 103 H cm
Weight: 162 Kg

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